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Manor Farm Charitable Trust is an established charity based in the historic village of Bilsthorpe in north Nottinghamshire.

We provide lifelong sanctuary for livestock in need, particularly elderly, disabled farm animals and those with special behavioural needs. We often take difficult to rehome animals from other rescue charities and offer them loving care and rehabilitation.

The sanctuary was privately established in 2011 and gained registered charity status in July 2017.

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  • We’re passionate about high standards of welfare for farm animals in the human food chain.
  • We believe that every animal deserves a good start, middle and end to their life, and should be treated with compassion and respect.
  • We know that animals are as individual as people, with complex needs and strong emotional connections to other animals and humans.
  • We believe that no animal should be exploited for their productivity, but the things that they provide naturally such as eggs and fleece should not be wasted, viewed instead as valuable gifts.


  • We offer food, shelter, love and companionship to all the animals in our care for the length of their life here with us.
  • We don’t breed – there are enough unwanted animals in the world without us adding to the list.
  • We don’t send to slaughter – animals at the end of their life are humanely put to sleep by a qualified vet.
  • We don’t rehome – the animals that come to us are given a home for life. Unfortunately this means that we have restrictions on numbers, unless and until we’re able to expand our facilities.
  • We refer wildlife and domestic pets (cats, dogs, rabbits) to other specialist animal charities: Brinsley Animal Rescue, Cats Protection and Dogs Trust.

our animals

We currently have around 170 animals in our care, including sheep, goats, donkeys, ponies, pigs, hens, ducks and geese.


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We raise money to support our animal care via corporate sponsorship, public donations, egg sales from our Egg Club and yarn sales from our single sheep artisan yarn brand, Hooligan Yarns.

We also hold fundraising and awareness-building Open Days, and host special interest groups or individual visitors throughout the rest of the year, by appointment.

If you’d like to organise a visit here to meet the animals and learn about our work, please contact

All donations go directly to pay for feed, bedding, medication, veterinary care and the employment of our dedicated and experienced animal handling team: our ‘Animal Angels’. Our paid staff are supported by enthusiastic volunteers who help us get important extra jobs done to maintain our very high standards of welfare.

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Even small amounts can make a big difference to us. Just £1 can buy our hens some lovely veggie treats!

Or if you prefer to donate by bank transfer:
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